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About South American Gold Corp.

South American Gold Corp is a small cap, publicly traded company traded on the OTC Marketplace under the ticker symbol SAGD.  The company is focused on the emerging cannabis market in the country of Uruguay and is focused on cornering this niche market in a very creative, risk averse manner. Instead of focusing, as numerous companies are currently attempting, exclusively on the marijuana crop, South American Gold Corp. is focused on providing support services and products that aid and facilitate the farmers and growers who are doing the actual growing on the ground.  This enables South American Gold to still capitalize on the marijuana market without absorbing all of the market risks. 

With a strong opportuntiy for growth and market penetration, one advisor commented that the company’s strategy was similar to a strategy employed during the gold rush, “the people who made the most money in the gold rush were the people selling the picks and the axes to the miners on the ground.” South American Gold Corp. sees itself as a support company and a pick and axe provider to the growers and marketers on the ground.



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