Fiat (:) Sees Ferrari Spinoff Valued At $11-B

Sergio Marchionne, of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (NYSE:FCAU), expects its Ferrari SpA Supercar maker unit to be valued “at least” at 10 billion euros ($11 billion) in an IPO (initial public offering) scheduled this year.

“There are clear expectations from ourselves as Ferrari brand is unique,” Mr. Marchionne said Friday at the presentation of the new subcompact Fiat 500 in Turin, Italy. “There is also a scarcity value as we are just selling a 10% stake.”

Fiat Chrysler announced plans last year to sell 10% of Ferrari and distribute its remaining 80% stake to Fiat Chrysler investors. Piero Ferrari, the son of founder Enzo Ferrari, also owns 10% and plans to keep his holding. Getting the most out of the listing is Key for Mr. Marchionne’s plans to fund a EUR 48-B investment plan aimed at lifting Fiat Chrysler deliveries to 7-M cars by Y 2018.

 Fiat Chrysler shares have risen about 33 percent this year, boosting its capitalization to EUR 16.6-B. Valued at EUR10-B, Ferrari would represent about 60% of the value of the Fiat group.

Ferrari plans to on the Stock Exchange as a Dutch holding with its fiscal residence in the , Mr. Marchionne said Friday. This would mirror the multi-national structure used for parent Fiat Chrysler..

Mr. Marchionne said that Ferrari could be listed in New York  on 13 October after the IPO was delayed for a issue.

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