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About Wavefront:

At Wavefront, we’re a technology-based company with a focused, strategic plan to leverage the value of our intellectual property in order to maximize oil production recovery operations, as well as provide additional solutions for environmental applications. Far more effective than traditional fluid injection processes, our dynamic injection approach is ideal for oil recovery revitalization and in the cleanup of shallow ground contamination.

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Brad PatersonAbout D. – CFO and Director

As Wavefront’s CFO, D. Brad Paterson draws on more than 15 years of experience as a senior officer and director of publicly listed companies. His diverse background and expertise informs his primary role and responsibility for the company’s strategic financial direction. Paterson’s extensive knowledge of management and financial accounting, corporate finance, corporate governance and regulatory markets also informs his supervision of financial management, control, reporting, planning, and investor relations.

Before joining the Wavefront team, Paterson served as a consultant in the public listing of private companies and led a variety of initiatives including corporate restructurings and financings, business and assets valuations, and acquisitions. In addition, he has served as a senior financial analyst for a private equity and mezzanine financing firm, the Alberta Indian Investment Corporation and Alberta Indian Equity Foundation.

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