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Company Name:  Corp.
Symbol: TSX.V: FF
Quote: http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/quote/v.ff/first-mining-finance-corp
Co. Website: http://www.firstminingfinance.com/

First Mining Finance Corp. (TSX-V: FF) is a new “ bank” or “advanced asset incubator” business concept created by Mr. Keith Neumeyer. Our business model is to acquire which are currently trading at very low valuations and holding or banking these until the capital markets for commodities and mining projects improves. At that point we would add value for our by entering into agreements with other parties which would move the projects forward through exploration and development while First Mining Finance holds a residual interest in the project in question. The residual interest may be in the form of royalties, metal streams, minority interests or equity positions in the counterparty that is moving the project forward.

Ultimately our goal is to have a number of projects which are generating cash flow for our shareholders which we would remit to our shareholders in the form of a dividend.

First Mining Finance is supported by First Majestic which is one of the world’s largest producers. The management of First Mining Finance has decades of experience in evaluating, exploring and developing mineral assets.



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