A Lynx- To At Silverstone

The XKSS was produced after Jaguar pulled out of all motor racing in Y 1955. Sir William Lyons converted the 16 remaining ‘D-Types’ to road going specification for the American market by adding a passenger door, a full-width windscreen w/wipers, an exhaust heat shield, sidescreens, a folding roof, bumpers, a luggage rack and rear light clusters.

XKSS became a Supercar of the era, an outstanding sports car driven by the privileged few, including Steve McQueen. The values of the original cars are at about $15-M today.

was founded in Y 1968 and made its name restoring and maintaining original C-Types, D-Types and E-Types of the period. They recreated D-Types and XKSS versions based on Series II E-Type engines and running gear, based on their experience with the original cars.

Since then about 430 cars have passed through their workshops, either as recreation projects or original cars being restored or maintained.

Lynx built 10 XKSS versions over the years and only 3 with LHD (left-hand drive). Their cars are bespoke made to order, making this car a special and rare opportunity.

This particular car is based on a 1969 4.2 Series II E-Type suspension, brakes, engine and gearbox, the car was completed in Y 2015 having been converted to full XKSS specification (over 3000 hrs of work went into its creation) and registered to Lynx Motors (International) Ltd. in Germany as a new car with all TÜV paperwork complete.

Finished in Jaguar Gloss Black with complementing Jaguar Red leather interior the car is built on an aluminium monocoque chassis with hand rolled aluminium panels, a rebuilt XK 4.2 litre, 6 cyl engine wet sump engine, with double ‘fast road’ specification camshafts, a ported and flowed cylinder head and triple 45 DCOE Weber carburetors:- giving 270 bhp at 4,500 RPM.

A Getrag 5-speed box delivers all the power smoothly and having just test miles on the chassis, it comes to the sale with a 12 month Lynx warranty, from which the privileged 1st owner will benefit.

The Lynx XKSS is equipped with a full-width screen, Dunlop 16 wheels with spinners, authentic D-Type instruments and switch gear, Steve McQueen-specification XKSS seat cushions and glove box hatch, a detachable steering wheel, Monza-style fuel cap, seat belts, stainless steel luggage carrier, removable side screens, black hood and authentic under bonnet detailing.

Last year Bonhams sold a Lynx XKSS last year for GBP 385,000 (about US$580-K) including commissions.  Estimate GBP 250,000 to 280,00.

Silverstone Auctions,  The Silverstone Classic Sale 2015, 25 July 2015, United Kingdom

For more information go to: http://www.silverstoneauctions.com/

Have a terrific weekend.

Paul Ebeling