Welcome to theStockRadio.com

Don’t let Wall Street leave you behind! theStockRadio.com, Inc. is dedicated to getting your company’s voice heard. When a  company is initially growing, it’s extremely difficult for them to find the budget to properly execute a robust marketing plan in order to attract not only new potential investors, but the right type of investors.

Many Small-Cap and OTC companies don’t get the credit and following they deserve; we use our best efforts to try and ensure you and your company maintain a web presence that will not only highlight your company to potential new investors, but will properly brand your message in a way that is more personable, which will in-turn make you stand out, and get heard!

At theStockRadio.com we believe in disseminating real news. We like to call it, “Real news with a twist”. The ‘twist’ we’re speaking of is to deliver your message through our audio interviews, and help you brand your company in a state of the art way to ensure you deliver the proper message to the investing public.

We’ve been in the Stock Market space for quite some time now, and know what it takes to get your word out to thousands of potential investors, yet deliver the message in a ‘non-hype’, professional way, putting you in the best light possible.

We’ve taken a big look around the audio interview space within the Small Cap / OTC space, and we at theStockRadio.com came to one conclusion. To many people out there over promise and under deliver! Many other purported IR/PR firms in this space have taken this approach, promise the world (for a small fee), and deliver nothing more than an audio interview, empty promises, and typical excuses. Once you’ve wasted your money there, if you choose too, come back to us where we’ll do a complimentary interview for you, and show you how this business should looked at. Nothing to hide over here!