Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. (AFAI) is an advanced stage multi-feedstock (Jatropha, Algae, Coyol, Palm Real, Castor)) seed-to-pump company establishing “above ground” oil fields throughout Latin America.

Alternative Fuels Americas, Inc. has established a comprehensive, integrated multi-national approach to biodiesel development and fuel production using various feedstock crops and leveraging the advantages of each geographic location. The result is a distinctive green oil company uniquely positioned to become a leading biodiesel provider throughout Latin America.

AFAI is engaged in the planting of high yield oil-rich crops, the expertise for which was established during 5-plus years of agricultural trials. During this incubation period the company not only experimented with crops, but also with business models – developing distinctive strategic approaches that enable AFAI to perform in a viable and profitable way. AFAI also is exploring other alternative energy sources as well as other business opportunities leveraging their contacts and expertise in Central and South America.

Today AFAI has the management team, research capacity, agronomy and tree science, chemistry, engineering, farm management, production process, economic models, strategic models, and expert biofuels know-how necessary to establish and sustain a world class biofuels company.

For many Latin American countries, biodiesel is an economic imperative and a part of a larger national alternative energy program. With established agricultural infrastructures, large readily available affordable land, and lower wage standards these countries are well situated to support effective biodiesel programs that serve to lower their dependency on foreign oil, reduce their trade deficits, and create jobs in impoverished rural regions.

AFAI has long been interested in the prospect of using hemp as a biodiesel feedstock. As jurisdictions in the United States, Canada and Latin America are legalizing the growing of marijuana, primarily for medicinal uses, we became excited by the broader opportunity legal marijuana presents.

In January 2014, after a year of preparation and planning, we formed a subsidiary called Marijuana Holdings Americas, Inc, (MJAI) to serve as our vehicle for entry into the legal marijuana sector. Our focus is on obtaining licenses for the cultivation and/or retail of marijuana for medical and/or recreational use (according to law). We also plan to engage in ancillary and support activities such as ownership of plant warehouses and commercial retail property.

AFAI has the management team, science, engineering, processes, strategies, and experience necessary to establish and sustain a world class company. Our areas of activity are dynamic, emerging and have substantial potential for high growth and value creation.