. (a Delaware corporation) is committed to the efficient extraction of oil and other naturally occurring hydrocarbons contained in oil sands, shale, and similar types of geologic structures prevalent in the Mountain West region of North America using a proprietary technology.

ASEC has under lease oil sand deposits in Utah containing approximately 200 million barrels of recoverable (P50 Best Estimate), according to a Resource Audit and Classification completed in accordance with the Provisions of the NI 51-101 Guidelines and the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation (COGE) Handbook (the latter prepared jointly by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Society and the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers).

Our approach to recover this resource is based on the following industry-changing innovations:

Profitable production of bitumen using a unique solvent using “off-the shelf” equipment to extract the oil from the sand particle.
Environment-friendly technology that produces no tailings or other reclamation/remediation-required by-products. Separated and cleaned sand can be placed directly back into the environment or potentially sold as high grade, pure industrial/consumer sand.
Our solvent extraction process requires no water, thus not creating tailings which require reclamation.
These elements create a new paradigm for recovering the oil sand deposits in the Western United States. Our approach results in a significantly reduced environmental footprint coupled with a high degree of operational efficiency. The ASEC process has proven successful in laboratory tests on oil sands from the Green River Formation in Utah and, most important, the validity of this technology has been demonstrated through the operation of a prototype extraction unit.

Website: http://www.americansands.com