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David Morgan is the Founder and Editor of http://theMorganReport.com. David is highly regarded in his field and has been issuing reports on the Markets for many years.

Check out what David has to say, “Some say our time is up! I say it has not even begun. Learn how you can still “catch a break” as new historic precious bull market gets underway.
Dear Investor:

Those who have followed my work heard me say this a thousand times… “If there is only one thing to teach you about the silver bull market it is this; 90% of the move comes in the last 10% of the time!”

Yes, Gold and Silver have been through some ups and downs this past few years. But that is not why we are in these precious metals markets. We’re not sitting by the computer watching the markets ticks each day. That would be enough to drive any sane investor crazy.

We all know the truly big money in the precious metals bull run is still ahead. The panic phase has not even begun yet! And if history has anything to say it is this… we’ll panic.

The demand for silver as an investment is continually growing, but once faith in the dollar is gone, silver and gold will see record highs and you’ll see a flood of new precious metals investors hit the market.”