EPIC is dedicated to making an impact on peoples lives. We strive to provide better through the development and commercialization of new technology. We realize, we cannot prosper in isolation. We and our strategic partners are using various technologies to develop economical devices to reduce trauma, aid in diagnosing diseases, and provide comfort. We are committed to grow our business by focusing on research and development, production, marketing, and sales of products and services.

We achieve success through research and development conducted in conjunction with our affiliates and strategic partners. Our driving force is innovation in our products and financial matters, both measured in human and financial terms. In seeking the fulfillment of our mission, we are guided by values that establish who we are.

We were founded in October 1997, in the State of Colorado, and in September 1999 we became a full reporting company under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and started trading on the Bulletin Board. In December 2001 we voluntarily withdrew our registration under the Exchange Act, and have since traded on the OTC Markets. We commenced business as fab-less semi-conduct company, then evolved in to an information appliance company, a special purpose financial services company specializing in the corporate, business and financial development of subsidiary, affiliated and third party companies. In 2006 we commenced focusing on the healthcare industry with the formation of RX Healthcare Systems, Ltd.

Our plan is to enter into agreements with companies developing technology for healthcare products. The essence of these agreements is to aid the companies with product commercialization, product procurement, marketing and distribution. Then once a product receives regulatory approval, if needed, and can be sold, we become the financial manager of a joint venture, directly or indirectly, with the research and development company.

Website: http://www.epiccor.com