INCC - Medical Cannabis Holdings

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Medical Cannabis Holdings - INCC

, Inc

New government laws regulating the production, sale and consumption of cannabis provide unprecedented opportunities for financial gain. This rapidly growing industry is expected to gross over $2 Billion dollars in 2014 from the sale of legal medical and recreational cannabis. Across the USA, many states are legalizing and taxing the sale of cannabis, a trend likely to continue. The expanding medical industry is attracting many talented professionals and enthusiastic investors seeking unique opportunities for profit.

Medical Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (INCC) is focused on acquiring and growing businesses that offer services and technologies to assist growers and patients with the production and delivery systems for medical marijuana. The company will provide venture capital funding for qualified projects in the expanding legal cannabis industry. Through targeted acquisitions, brand recognition, and real-estate and technology joint ventures, the company intends to capture significant market share in Colorado, Washington State, and California.

Working with a team of experienced growers and financial experts, the company will evaluate small and large business opportunities. Medical Cannabis Holdings will provide both technology and consulting services to cannabis growers, activists and industry professionals. Through a system of perpetual rental agreements, the company offers growers state-of-the-art, turnkey solutions to improve efficacy and increase yield. The company plans to generate revenue by renting its proprietary technologies to qualified licensed medical growers, and by providing training and consulting services to assist lessees in operating their businesses more profitably.