For over 40 years has been a leader in the field of Research and Development specific to Use of Force training, equipment and application. More than just sales, Lamperd will work with you to determine organizational needs relating to speciality equipment, training and tactics. Let our expertise speak for you

Specializing in public order and riot suppression systems for short, mid and long range operations. From protective riot suits and to weapons systems capable of delivering munitions from 20 gauge right up to 40mm grenades with comprehensive training programs to support the products

The munitions are designed for Lamperd Less Lethals proprietary launcher systems, but they can also be used in weapons produced by a wide variety of other manufacturers. The company also manufactures a state of the art firearms training simulator, (Firearm Training Systems), along with training replicas of the popular weapons used by Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Lamperd Less Lethal has been assigned a Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code, which enables it to sell to any NATO member country, and a federal Business Firearms License, which allows for the manufacture, repair, storage, import, export and sale of virtually any manner of firearms and ammunition. Lamperd Less Lethal is one of only a very few manufacturers of less-lethal munitions in the world to receive these approvals.