. was founded in 1997 by distinguished drug delivery professionals, Drs. William Higuchi and , to provide oral delivery solutions for challenging drugs and unique products. Lipocine has numerous issued patents and several pending patent applications in most major markets. The Company’s labs and business offices are headquartered in Salt Lake City’s Research Park, a technology hub close to The University of Utah.

Product Focus

Lipocine is a specialty pharmaceutical company leveraging its innovative platform technologies to develop unique, differentiated products based on established drugs and to improve patient compliance in men’s health and women’s health. Lipocine’s portfolio of proprietary products have superior market attributes such as enabling first to market oral version, reduced dose or dosing frequency, elimination of food effect and elimination or reduction of certain side effects associated with existing commercialized drug formulations.

The Company’s products are reinforced by a strong patent portfolio including formulation composition, method of use, and product specific-based patents. Lipocine’s registration fillings are expected to require only limited clinical assessment resulting in inexpensive and expedient development/registration via the 505(b)(2) regulatory option.

Technology Focus

Lipocine’s pharmaceutical development solution augment therapeutics of problematic drugs by enabling/enhancing its oral delivery through either of the following: improved solubilization and permeability; targeted lymphatic delivery; and reduced dosing frequency.

Although oral ingestion is regarded as the safest, most convenient and cost effective method of drug administration, many existing poorly water-soluble drugs either cannot or are sub-optimally delivered orally with conventional dosage forms.