. has been in business since 2005 and for nine years explored for and developed oil and gas assets in low-risk areas of North America. Lexaria still owns oil production in Mississippi, producing oil from wells at the Belmont Lake oil field. (You can learn about that in our “Oil Operations” section) During the last three full years combined, our revenue was a total of about $3,550,000.

But North American society has changed dramatically, and so have we. Our proved management team has always employed sensible risk management controls in an effort to preserve the capital entrusted by shareholders. After all, its YOUR money!

And today, most Americans and most Canadians support some form of medical use of marijuana, in poll after poll.

We’ve listened to you and we are focusing our considerable management skills to becoming a trusted participant in the sector. It’s not as big a leap as you might think: our management team is used to working with State and Provincial governments and regulators. We’re also used to working with the Federal Governments of Canada and the USA, and the Securities Commissions within both countries. We file audited financial statements both at EDGAR and at SEDAR and have done so for years.

Likewise, the legal marijuana industry is and will be heavily regulated, and we support that. We’ve already proven our ability to be transparent with our stakeholders and our ability to work within all applicable government regulations. We promise to deliver that transparency and dedication to the legal marijuana industry where these traits are a vital component towards ultimate success.

The medical marijuana business just might be one of the most recession-proof industry sectors there are. There is no boom and bust cycle that is apparent. The average demographic age in North America continues to increase, with over 44 million people in the USA today at the age of 65 or over. Age-related illnesses will continue to grow, and some fraction of these people looking for an alternative to opiate-based painkillers have a real need for pain-relief choices.

Lexaria also has a history of working with joint venture partners, as we’ve demonstrated over the years in Oklahoma,Mississippi, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We’re changing the sector we’re focused on, but we’re not changing our commitment to best practices; to ethical behavior; and to our investors and shareholders.