. (OTCQB: MEEC) started as a R&D relationship with the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) of the University of North Dakota. The EERC is one of the world’s leading developers of cleaner, more efficient energy and environmental technologies to protect and clean air, water and soil. The EERC is recognized worldwide as an expert in understanding mercury in air and for research in the field of capture in coal-fired power plants, as well as from other sources. In 1993, the U.S. EPA designated the EERC as the Center for (CATM). Through this program the EERC has established a solid foundation in the behavior, transformation, measurement, and control of mercury in coal-fired energy conversion systems (both combustion and classification).
ME2C and the EERC worked closely with utilities, federal and state governments, emissions scientists and engineers to address the complexities of mercury emissions control in power plants. Through ME2C’s research and testing, an alternative approach has been proven that provides for mercury emissions capture rates over 90% in coal-fired power plants. The result is that ME2C and the EERC have developed a proven, leading-edge mercury emissions control technology called Sorbent Enhancement Additive (SEA™) designed to reduce mercury emissions in the flue gases of coal-fired power plants, on which ME2C controls the worldwide patents.
ME2C believes that this is the best solution for mercury emissions capture in coal-fired power plants considering cost, effectiveness and flexibility with minimal disruptions to ongoing plant operations. ME2C is offering this technology to coal-fired power plants and utilities in the U.S. and Canada with future expansion into Europe and China at the appropriate time.