We are pleased to announce a new audio interview with Michael Liik, Executive Chairman for Technologies, Ltd. | is publicly traded on the TSX.V under the symbol:


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About Michael M. Liik

Mr. Liik joined Cymat in 1999 as Chairman and CEO. He has a successful record of leading both early stage and high growth Canadian public companies with a unique background that combines considerable operational leadership experience with extensive merchant banking skills. Mr. Liik has a MBA (1984) and a Bachelor in Applied Science, Civil Engineering (1982) both from University of Toronto. He is also the President and Owner of Liikfam Holdings Inc., an Investment/Venture Capital Company.

About Cymat Technologies, Ltd.

Cymat Technologies Ltd. is an innovative materials company dedicated to providing our customers and partners with innovative, value enhancing solutions utilizing . We have the worldwide rights to manufacture and license Stabilized (), a versatile and cost effective for use in a broad range of industry applications. Combining the unique properties of Cymat with a streamlined manufacturing process, Cymat’s products supply a cutting edge means of increasing safety and efficiency of your projects.

  • High mechanical energy absorption in every direction
  • Strain rate insensitivity
  • Time and Temperature insensitivity
  • Recyclable
  • Inflammable with no environmental degradation at high temperatures
  • Acoustic and thermal insulating properties