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Interviewee: Nick Yates
Company: Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc.
Trading Symbol: VEND

About Nick Yates

Nick YatesNick Yates grew up in Sydney, Australia; A graduate from the University of Technology in Sydney with a degrees in both Business, Marketing and an additional diploma in Advertising / Marketing.

After college, Nick began his career working for Mojo Advertising in Sydney Australia.  His work with Mojo Advertising included a position as Senior Media buyer for the Qantas Airlines and Toyota Motor Company accounts.  At Mojo Advertising Nick Yates was responsible for buying strategies and negotiating TV, Radio and Press campaigns. Both accounts Nick worked on combined for over $50m a year in total media spend.

In 2002, Nick Yates pioneered Healthy Vending Pty Ltd, the world’s first Healthy Vending machine business operated out of Sydney, Australia. In just 14 months Healthy Vending Pty Ltd was responsible for placing over 250 machines Australia wide and proving concept was valid.

In 2005 after witnessing the increase in demand for healthier food options in the United States, Nick sold Healthy Vending Pty Ltd and moved to San Diego, California with the intention of introducing Healthy Vending to North America for the first time. In June 2006, America’s first and only healthy vending company was launched under the same premise as Healthy Vending Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia. Between 2006-2010 the company placed 1,800 healthy vending machines throughout 250 markets of North America.

Following up on the success of the concept in the US, Fresh Healthy Vending was launched as the first healthy vending “franchise” in the US and currently operates with over 250 franchisees in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas operating over 3,000 additional vending machines.

Fresh Healthy Vending is a public company trading on the OTC.BB (VEND)

As of July 2014, Nick was appointed President of Fresh Healthy Vending International. Nick also sits on the company’s board of directors as its Chairman.

About Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc.

Fresh Healthy Vending, based in San Diego, California, is North America’s leading healthy vending franchisor. Fresh Healthy Vending pioneered the concept of vending machines stocked with tried-and-tested fresh, healthy snack options to serve the growing market of health-conscious consumers. The Company has over 240 active franchisees throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, and continually looks to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs who share its vision.

The Company has booked over 2,900 machines for placement in schools, universities, hospitals, community centers, military bases, airports, fitness facilities, YMCAs, libraries and many other locations.

Fresh Healthy Vending’s stock is traded on the OTC Markets, Symbol: VEND.