Endocannabinoid Sciences & Education

The Company is focused on educating consumers and health care providers on the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from industrial hemp.  Our first product is the Medical Endocannabinoid Manual, a 400 page comprehensive medical text for health care practitioners. Designed for clinical application, the Medical Endocannabinoid Manual provides information for pharmacological use for substantiated and recognized disease entities and disorders, including dosage guidelines, descriptions of medical cannabis strains, contraindications and adverse reactions, use with prescription and over the counter medications, and employment with alternative and complementary medicine. The Medical Endocannabinoid Manual contains 10 quick-reference monochromatic charts and extensive research references for comprehension of the physiological basis for use of cannabinoids, making it ideal for both clinical and educational reference.

The Company will publish companion books for consumers covering the potential uses of CBD’s as documented in peer reviewed scholarly articles.

Drawing on the work of the National Institutes of Health, universities and research institutions, the Company will reveal the multiple conditions that may be positively impacted by CBD’s.


Website: www.dutchgoldinc.com