DuSolo (hereby “DuSolo”) is a publicly listed company trading on the TSX Venture exchange under the ticker symbol DSF.V, the Frankfurt exchange under the symbol E6R and the OTC Pink Sheets under the symbol ELGSF. The company has successfully transitioned into its first stage of production which entails processing high-grade into Direct Application Natural Fertilzer (“DANF”) within the “Cerrado” region of Brazil. This comes as part of a nationwide effort, incentivized by the government, that is currently underway to increase the supply of domestically sourced and achieve agricultural self sufficiency.

Three years ago, it had become apparent to the management of DuSolo Fertilizers (formerly “Eagle Star Minerals Corp.”) that the continued growth of sector will lend support to the country’s strong increase in demand for fertilizers. Since most of the Brazilian supply of fertilizers comes from overseas, the Company has gone forth and shaped its strategy by building the necessary team in order to cater the needs of this growing industry domestically, thereby reducing costs and facilitating timely delivery of locally produced fertilizers for farmers within the region. In the process and over that period of time, the Company has created a very compelling value proposition to its shareholders.

With the help of its highly experienced local geological team, DuSolo has managed to identify and stake areas with significant potential to host large phosphate deposits. These wholly owned assets, located in close proximity to agriculture, infrastructure and in some cases, operating mines, have now provide DuSolo (and its shareholders) with a real opportunity to capitalize on producing a fertilizer product that requires very little processing and benefits from an immediate strong local market.

By acquiring the rights to 109 mineral claims, DuSolo Fertilizers has amassed a strategic land base of approximately 240,964 hectares in northeastern Brazil with enough evidence to suggest the potential to host significant phosphate mineralization. Furthermore, DuSolo’s Bomfim, Ruth and Samba Agro-mineral Projects are all well located within Brazils’ “Cerrado” region, known for its’ rapidly growing agricultural productivity and acute dependency on substantial foreign imports of fertilizers. By developing and ultimately based fertilizers in what is arguably the world’s most strategic agricultural location, DuSolo is well positioned to capitalize on behalf of its shareholders on the needs of a growing industry.