Company Name: Hispanica International Delights of Americafood-and-beverage
Trading Symbol: HISP
Co. Website:
Market Value: $30,284,040
Auth Shares: 100,000,000
Outstanding: 11,738,000


Hispanic International Delights of America, Inc. (HISP) is a public company, founded in 2013. HISP is dedicated in building one of the premier companies distributing ethnic food and beverages throughout the United States. HIDA has already begun to distribute fruit juices, nectars, and milk based products and soon will begin to distribute teas, carbonated drinks, dry goods, preserves, and bakery products. The brands distributed are under a proprietary basis (through distribution agreements and/or exclusive licensing arrangements). These brands emulate the flavors, tastes, and traditions which have been known for generations among the Hispanic and other ethnic groups which are now becoming part of the American mainstream diet. HIDA is also committed in building long-term relationships with its consumers by offering superior, high quality products at the most competitive prices. HISP is headquartered in Long Island City, New York.