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Name: ID Global Corporation
Trading Symbol: IDGC
Quote: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/IDGC/quote
Co. Website: http://www.idglobal-corp.com/                                                            
Investors Forum: CLICK HERE
Address: 230 W Monroe St Chicago Il 60606
Phone: (630) 532-3625
Email: info@idglobal-corp.com
: $331,116
Auth Shares: 7,500,000,000
Outstanding: 3,311,162,957
Public Float: 1,457,867,597
(All information was obtained from OTCmarkets.com)


ID Global Corporation - theStockRadioWho Is ID Global Corporation?

ID Global Corporation (IDGC) is a diversified holdings company with a focus on emerging and middle market investment opportunities in North America. IDGC seeks, through and equity investments, minority positions as well controlling interests in established companies and special situation start-ups.

By partnering with the management teams of the companies we invest in, we are able to not only protect our investment but ensure that a return is more probable. Once engaged we leverage the capability of our entire team and resources at our disposal to add value to their current situation. Our areas of focus are , corporate advisory and product development.

Seeking opportunities to continue to build value remains a key focus. Through strategic partnerships and our growing advisory board, we keep an ear to the ground for qualified prospects to help build market share and enhance value.

ID Global Corporation - theStockRadioID Global Corporation Core Companies

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