About Smart Ventures

Smart Ventures, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in engineering extended reach drilling services, acquisition, EPC, development, production, and , and mining minerals internationally. We have diversified our products offerings into the specialty chemical market, armored vehicles and the legalized Cannabis market.

www.smartventuresinc.us  www.cannabisfundinggrouplp.com

Cannabis Funding Group, LP a Texas Limited Partnership is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smart Ventures, Inc. partner for entrepreneurs in a diversified range of cannabis related businesses. We form joint ventures with partners seeking growth capital to start, develop and grow their business. We have strategic partners to help cannabis related businesses go public if public exposure and access to capital beyond our initial investment is what you need. We form partnerships with management teams that have a clear direction and plan for entering or growing in the cannabis industry. We assist our partners with startup cost such as licensing fees and initial equipment/inventory cost associated with starting a business in legalized States. Our goal is not to take control or run our partners business, but to help our portfolio partners grow and build shareholder value through diversified revenue streams and great return on investment. www.cannabisfundinggrouplp.com