North America is home to the most informed, savvy, and valued based consumers in the world. “Status Quo” is not only insufficient but all together unacceptable for the products we purchase. TruXmart has invested nearly two full years into research and development into our introductory product, the TruXmart Tri-Fold. Our goal was not to “re-invent” the wheel, but to take an existing style of product and re-engineer it to suit the demands of North American consumers. We just made the proverbial wheel a whole lot better!

Features such as: 

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Components
  • Aluminum Rear Fastening Clamps
  • Three-Layer Marine Grade Stitching
  • Double Coated Vinyl Tarp
  • Additional Aircraft Grade Aluminum Support Cross Members
  • Extra Large Rubberized Weather-stripping and Inner Hinge Seals
  • Industry Leading Warranty, Service, and Support
  • …and more

We are proud to introduce the TruXmart Tri-Fold as the first of many products offered by TruXmart.

The TruXmart Smart Fold is a brand new addition to the exciting line of TruXmart Products. With all the same great features as the TruXmart Tri-Fold, the TruXmart Smart Fold is the worlds only soft Tri-Folding tonneau cover with a patent pending rear smart latch system. The Smart Latch system allows its user to open and close the tonneau cover with unparalled ease. To open the cover, simply pull the release cable at the rear of the tonneau cover. To close the cover, push down on the top to lock in your rear smart latches. Gone are the days of being mindful of where you park so you can fully open your tailgate to access clamps on either side of your trucks bed to open your cover, like the leading brands. The TruXmart Smart Fold can be opened and closed with ease, under any circumstances!