Company Name: , Inc.ScripsAmerica
Trading Symbol: SCRC
Co. Website:
Market Value: $15,037,365
Auth Shares: 250,000,000
Outstanding: 137,328,451


ScripsAmerica (OTCBB: SCRC) is a competitive provider of pharmaceutical supply chain management. Our low-cost marketing, sales, and distribution capabilities of and OTC drugs has made us competitive in the United States.

Our competitive pricing, client retention rates and strong relationships throughout the pharmaceutical distribution chain have positioned us to efficiently acquire clients and provide competitive service in an increasingly complex marketplace. ® is an innovative pharmaceutical and OTC oral delivery method utilizing “”.  RapiMed® oral tablets dissolve in 30 seconds or less, providing rapid delivery of medicine without water.  RapiMed® technology can be applied to a wide variety of drugs, providing pharmaceutical and OTC companies the highly valuable opportunity for product line extension and diversification.