Trade Leasing Division

Trade Leasing Division. This division is involved in the manufacture and repair of truck bodies. Delta Stag is STI’s  manufacturer of truck bodies that are attached to a truck chassis which consists of an engine, drive train, a frame with wheels, and in some cases, a cab. The truck chassis is manufactured by third parties that are major automotive or truck companies. These companies do not typically build specialized truck bodies. The company is also involved in other products used by the trucking industry. The company operates a complete manufacturing and repair facility in South Gate, California. The facility manufactures both custom and standard production truck bodies in approximately 70 different models designed to fill the specialized demands of the user. The vans are available for hauling dry freight or refrigerated freight. The refrigerated vans are built with two to four inches of foam insulating that is sprayed in place for hauling refrigerated products such as meats, vegetables, flowers and similar products. The Company installs different types of cooling systems in the trucks. This varies from motor driven units installed outside the van body or refrigeration units driven off the engine of the truck. Some refrigerated trucks use a system called “cold plate” where a large metal plate is cooled by power while the truck is parked. The power is then unplugged and the truck will stay cool for many hours. The Company’s customers are auto dealers and users of trucks; such as dairies, food distributors and local delivery. The company has approximately 400 customers. One customer South Bay Ford represented more than 10% of sale in the last 12 months. The company is not dependent on a few major customers. Trade Leasing purchases raw materials from approximately 25 suppliers. There are several hundred similar suppliers of comparable materials in the local area. Trade Leasing Inc. purchases refrigeration units from Thermoking Corporation a division of United Technologies and Carrier Corporation, a division of Ingersol Rand Corporation. The two companies represent more than 80% of the refrigeration unit market. There are several other manufactures of refrigeration units that represent a small part of the market. Trade Leasing Inc. employs 23 factory workers and 3 management personnel. The management personnel make all of the sales and manage the factory. The company has all of the government licenses necessary to conduct its business. These include 9 different city, county and state licenses covering vehicle transportation, air quality, hazard waste (Paint), land or building use, and sales tax.

Service Products Division

Service Products Division. This division specializes in electronics service, repair and sales. Most electronic devices today are produced in foreign countries, mostly Asia. These companies have minimal local presence and do not have the ability to honor the warranty commitments that retailers require to sell their products. Service Products Division is able to fulfill the requirements of these foreign manufacturers so that they may sell their products in the United States. Service Products Division operates a service and repair facility in Chula Vista, California. Service Products Division is also in the business of marketing electronic products. This division is currently marketing a small battery backup charge called, Mypowerpebble. It is used to plug into a cell phone or laptop computer to extend the time between recharging the appliance. Mypowerpebble is a small, compact egg shaped device that has no cords or wiring. This division has prepared an Infomercial for airing on national television. The company has bought several hundred slots of air time on television and cable stations to market the product. This may be accessed at The Infomercial will begin airing over the internet the week of December 16th and will be aired over national television starting in January, 2014. Service Products Division has also contracted for two additional products to be developed over the next several months.

Service Products Division offers the following:

  • High Tech Products
  • Product Underwriting
  • 24 Hour Call Center