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About Paul McKenzie

Mr. McKenzie is also a founding Director of DeepMarkit Corp., a publicly traded company building sophisticated multilingual applications designed to service a broad spectrum of the $80 billion promotions market in terms of client profile and needs fulfillment. He has been instrumental in creating and managing a number of successful publically traded companies, several of which have made significant resource discoveries worldwide. He has acted in the capacity as Director, President and/or CEO and CFO of several public companies and has been hands on in raising in excess of US$60,000,000 for his publicly-traded companies. Mr. McKenzie’s experiences with public companies spans more than 20 years and includes acquiring, selling, financing and developing projects in North America, and Asia and includes overseeing transactions with companies whose market capitalizations have exceeded US$1 billion.

About Nexoptic

Mission Statement

Through innovation with , we aim to improve how humankind views the world.

With NexOptic’s option to acquire 100% of Spectrum Optix, we are two companies driven to enhance and facilitate our ability to see the world around us and beyond. Our companies are working on cutting edge developments in the field of optics and lenses that hold the potential to transform various industries and products including: cameras, telescopes, mobile devices, binoculars, computer imaging, certain medical imaging devices, gaming and more.

Focusing on

Light is defined as the radiance or illumination from a particular source. Our goal is to modify light more efficiently to improve a multitude of products and services. Light is our passion as is advancing our lens technologies on behalf of the world.

Focusing on People

From a critical contributor to the development of the IMAX camera to an astrophysicist who has comets bearing his name, our team includes noted experts in optics, imaging and imaging software. We attract and work with people who are results driven and continue to strengthen the quality of our team of experts.