Key features and benefits to our Premium Interviews:

FREE VS. PREMIUM: Our FREE interviews are a great way to get started! We offer our free interview service with no strings attached. The main difference between FREE and PREMIUM is the exposure level. All of the key benefits to our Premium Interviews are explained below

Front and Centre placement: Your company interview will be front and centre on our website. We have a massive audience that is growing more and more everyday. By having your company show up in our “Featured Posts” section at the top of our website will ensure that every single person that visits our website will see your interview, thus gaining more exposure for your company

Email Blast: We have a growing subscriber base of over 35,000 active subscribers that are waiting to hear about your company. With every Premium Interview you do with we will send out an alert email to ALL of our subscribers notifying them of your interview.

Press Release Distribution: Over the years we have cultivated some strong relationships with some of the top News Wires out there. With every Premium Interview we conduct, we also publish a Press Release that is then sent out to over 100,000 News Outlets with a reach of over 3 Million viewers. This ensures that not only our subscribed database of active users hears your interview with our email blasts, but also the general public will as well

Social Media: We are experts in this field and will plug you in! Social Media is literally taking over the planet. From Youtube to Instagram, right through to Twitter, we got you covered. We will Tweet, plug and picture your way to success. Even if you don’t have any social media set-up for your company, our database will see your interview. Do you have social media? IF you do, that’s great. This will add tons of followers to your already existing network and help spread the word!

Longer Interviews: Our FREE interview selection is great! Our Premium Interview selection is on steroids! With our FREE interview selection there are no catches, you get a free 5 to 6 min interview, minus the added benefits listed above. With our Premium Interview selection you get up to a 20 min interview, professionally edited with all the bells and whistles listed above. Trust us when we say the longer the interview, the more information you can get out, the more attention that is brought to your company, the more successful you will be!

We offer a range of different packages with the Premium selection, and we can tailor a program for you that best suits your needs to maximize your company’s exposure. We do all of this, provide you with stats, and comparables as to how you can tweak and maximize your future exposure. 

Our pricing is literally half the price of anyone else out there, and the slate of services that we ACTUALLY perform trumps everyone else.

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