You and your family: PAZOO’s team of health and wellness pros knows what it takes for people to achieve total wellbeing. They are committed to a healthier world and passionate about sharing their experience, insight and knowledge alongside quality products and services that can make a difference.

Your pet: PAZOO experts also know that pets contribute to the wellbeing of their owners. They brighten our lives and provide proven wellness benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, warding off depression, boosting immunity, and creating opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialization. If you’re a pet owner, you want your animal to be as healthy and happy as you are!

PAZOO, Inc., was founded in 2010 by David M. Cunic, a successful physical therapist and personal trainer. David is highly educated and experienced in sports medicine, orthopedics and manual therapy, and he has worked with professional and Olympic sports teams. A unique strength is David’s ability to relate to his patients; the result of undergoing physical therapy himself for several years.

David maintains a strong belief in the “true medical team” approach to wellness that incorporates all facets of health, fitness and medical science – including vitamins, supplements, healthcare products…and pet therapy!

David recognizes the need to surround himself with a highly motivated, capable and diverse management team that will bring his vision to fruition. This team includes individuals who possess a multitude of talents capable of handling the marketing, distribution and financial and structural organization of PAZOO, Inc. Key to the PAZOO endeavor is that all team members commit to the Success of the Company by living a health-conscious lifestyle and keeping a cohesive and wellness-targeted approach to every task. This will ensure that we offer you the best array of products and services available.

Acknowledging the importance of a healthy and happy pet to our own health and happiness – and vice versa – David’s vision for a health and wellness website addressed the needs of both people and animals. He created as a simple, user-friendly destination where consumers can find expert advice and buy quality products at affordable prices for themselves as well as for their companions.