. (“Quint Media”) is a digital and social media company founded to connect people with content relating to their passions and interests, and with each other. As a key component of its cross-platform implementation, the company is pioneering a mobile-native philosophy to transform the way the public consumes news and information. This philosophy is supported by both proprietary technology and a team of international experts that are enabling content creation and consumption specifically for any smartphone or tablet device. In doing so, Quint Media offers substantial value to businesses, brands and advertisers. This value will be facilitated by leveraging user data to offer specific targeted advertising and by integrating highly effective forms of online marketing such as native and programmatic advertising, including real-time bidding (RTB). With RTB, the value of an ad is determined in real-time based on the demographic of the user who will see the ad and the outcome of an auction, which selects the winning advertiser.

The Technology

The concept of the Quint Media network is being engineered with a powerful digital ecosystem at its core. In addition to matching each of us with content that is customized to our interests, this center of activities processes and organizes all of the information and user data across the company’s entire digital and social network.

Feature-rich applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry will allow users to follow the stories that matter most to them and receive up-to-the-second updates on those stories as they evolve over time. In doing so, they have important facts, statistics, quotes and multimedia without fluff, and remain updated without re-reading old information.

Powering Innovation

Quint Media strives to become an industry leader through innovation. For example, the Quint Media ecosystem supports citizen journalism, a socially innovative feature that puts reporting into the public’s hands. Both efficient and interactive, it allows individuals to submit stories (scoops), photos and video of breaking news in any industry and monetize their own content. Bloggers and other individual authors can also partner with Quint Media by contributing sought-after content to its communities. In return, partners can generate both traffic and revenue.

Quint Media is initially focused on brands relating to lifestyle, entertainment and fashion, with plans to expand its ecosystem to include social networking. The company’s underlying technology can be applied to any type of content community, regardless of the industry vertical. It is enterprise-grade and infinitely scalable, providing an excellent opportunity to support acquisitions and expansion.

Data as a Commodity

While being engaged in dynamic online communities, Quint Media users are a ready audience for businesses and brands seeking to promote their products and services. By incorporating a secure business intelligence data collection strategy across its ecosystem, Quint Media can leverage its valuable user data as a saleable commodity. The power of data analytics coupled with real-time access will help marketers effectively reach their target audiences.

Quint Media recognizes that its data is a precious and sensitive commodity. With this in mind, it is managed under strict access, storage and security policies.

Website: http://www.quintmediainc.com/