We are pleased to announce a new audio interview with CEO of Bang Holdings Corp. $BXNG




About Bang Holdings Corporation:

Bang Holdings Corporation (OTCQB: BXNG), through its subsidiary Bang Digital Media, primarily provides brand management, digital content and influencer-based marketing to the industry. Ancillary services in the industry are rapidly growing into the professional infrastructure of a $7 billion industry.* So yes, with the right company, one can legally invest in .

Bang Digital Media directly promotes cannabis-related companies to our family of more than a million enthusiasts. Further, we reach millions more targeted consumers via our expanded network of cannabis-friendly influencers. Ultimately, Bang directly connects cannabis-friendly companies to cannabis enthusiasts.


About Steve Berke:

A former professional tennis player, Berke graduated from Yale in 2003. He has gained a significant social media following with his musical parody videos and political activism. One of the leading cannabis activists and executives under 40, Berke has appeared on the front page of both the New York Times and Maxim Magazine, and has been featured in The New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald and dozens of other international media publications from around the world.