Take A , It Is Healthy

People who spend much of their day sitting may be more likely to feel anxious. So if you have ever felt guilty or irresponsible for taking a break during the workday, you are not alone. But guilt is the last thing you should feel for taking a break.

The scientific benefits of sleep, and breaks during the work day have many benefits, not the least of which are and happiness.

Somewhere along the way, in this place that we spend such a huge percentage of our time, many people have lost touch with the importance of well-being, of being happy.

You probably do not need a scientific study to prove that taking a break boosts your mood. A good break is 2-5 mins hourly with a walk around.


This is Key reasons not to feel guilty about breaks, as you come back more productive. Research from the University of Melbourne found that people who take breaks amounting to less than 20% of their total work time are 9% more productive.

As you probably know, pushing through without breaks can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

Break time as an incubator for creativity. Lighthearted and non-demanding breaks provide a way for our unconscious mind to process information and come up with ideas, the ‘ah’ moment.

That boost in mood can change your whole orientation toward the world. Instead of feeling threatened and narrowing horizons, enjoyable breaks can contribute to a process called “broadening and building.” We become aware of more things, explore with curiosity, and grow our skills and resources.

The Big Q: What makes a good break?

The Big A: Restorative breaks might include getting outside in nature, physical activity, or socializing with other people, anything that’s pleasant, refreshing, and not too demanding. Interestingly, some studies have shown that social media sites like Facebook (:) do not enhance mood during a break because people tend to engage in depressing social comparison

Learn to work happier, take a break.