thestockradioThis Is Getting Extremely ‘Long in the Tooth’

As the (NYSEArca:SPY)rose to record high in May the market breadth declined, meaning, fewer and fewer are participating in the advance.

Many experts are now calling this a “stock picker’s market,” because participants must take care to find winners. This is not a good sign for the stock market.

“By telling their clients this is a stock picker’s market, advisers think they are distinguishing the investment environment from other periods in which the majority of stocks participate in the market’s major trend,” on keen observer writes.

This is a declaration that this Bull market is getting extremely ‘long in the tooth’ aka extended.

The Big Q: Why is that?

The Big A: The degree to which stocks move together in unison is a function of the .

In Bear markets the vast majority of stocks do so, but in Bull markets stocks tend to march to the beat of their own drummer. Then at market tops when stocks’ moves in step with the overall market tend to be at the lowest point.

Analysis for SPY:OverallShortIntermediateLong
Neutral (0.18)Neutral (0.18)Neutral (-0.19)Very Bullish (0.56)

So, take good care, do your homework, pay attention.

Its your money and your responsibility.