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Guest Speaker: Todd McCannCamdo Solutions, Inc. - thestockradio
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CamDo GoProCam-Do represents an international team of software and hardware developers with years of experience developing custom solutions to real world problems.

In particular, we have recently been working with the camera to exploit its capabilities using custom accessories which extend its purpose to meet the needs of creative individuals and groups who have the ideas, but not the means to make them a reality.

If you think the GoPro camera (or another camera) takes the images you want, and have come up with a clever idea to use one, or 5 of them together, or 50 of them operating synchronously, you need to talk with us.

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If you can imagine it, we can make it real!

Time Slice CablesOften, there are already off-the-shelf solutions to the problem you need to solve. In that case, we will help you to find the right product at the right price and guide you in the configuration process.

For more difficult implementations, it may be necessary to use a custom controller, specifically programmed for the purpose. Sometimes the answer is a simple cable with a few inexpensive components. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Some of our designs have been used to solve custom problems for one customer. Other solutions have been implemented in retail products that have sold globally in huge quantities.

In addition to custom controller hardware, we have extensive experience in custom Windows application software that can be used for image manipulation (removing fish-eye distortion, for example) or file customization, such as manipulating date, time and location information or combining images in various ways.

WiFi control of the Hero 3 cameras using a customized version of our WiGo Application can be used to implement time lapse and scheduling using the latest cameras.

The sorts of things we can do

  • Operate multiple cameras simultaneously. 2, 5, 100, or more.
  • Custom time-lapse solutions for long or short periods.
  • 360 degree equirectangular panoramas compatible with Streetview.
  • Remote control using wired, RF wireless, or WiFi connections.
  • Motion detection for wildlife photography or security applications.
  • Computer control with custom software for timing or complex triggering.
  • Automatically correct images for fish-eye distortion.

What our customers say

I got your cables the other day and hadn’t had a chance to thank you. Workmanship is first class and you included an extension cable and an end connector which I wasn’t expecting. Thank You! – DL

Time Lapse Controller arrived safe this morning. In a word: impressed! Actually I’d like to use two words: really thrilled! – LH

We have completed testing your time lapse intervalometer at our 4000 meter site. We would like to order 24 more. How soon can you deliver them? – IR

Your wired remotes meet our requirements. We would like to order 30 more. … When can we get them? – NASA

The Cam-Do Time Controller does the job and makes the battery life workable and is also very versatile for lots of other options. The Company really knows how to explain tricky stuff really simply, with great manuals – well done guys! – OnePlanetMedia

I bought 3 schedulers from you late last year for a project I was working on for a division of United Technologies. First let me tell you that the systems worked flawlessly for the 2 month run of the construction project. The client was blown away by the footage and I don’t think we could have done it without the Cam-Do Programmable Scheduler.

As a result of this success I’m now working with 2 new companies to provide the same service and am really thinking about delving into this niche of the corporate market much deeper as no one seems to be providing this service in my area. Hopefully over the coming months I’ll be doing more business with you. – DS