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The Company was formed to discover a Carlin-type deposit (the ‘elephants’ of deposits) in and vend it for or stock to a gold producer to bring it to production.
It was founded by Dr. Roger Steininger, a renowned Nevada exploration geologist with several Carlin-type gold discoveries to his credit, particularly the 21 million ounce Pipeline deposit in the Cortez trend of Nevada, and Mr. Albert Matter, a well-known financier and founding partner of numerous enterprises including Gold Inc. in the gold mining industry. Mr. James Anderson joined as CEO to lead the marketing and financing of the expansion of the Iceberg gold deposit. The business model is simple:

  • In the aftermath of the Crash of Q4 – ’08 opportunistically secure several highly prospective properties favorably located next to existing gold projects in Nevada’s prolific gold trends.
  • Systematically explore and develop those that provide discovery success; eliminate those that do not.